Member Reviews

Lawrence S.

Nothing but the best to say so far. Excellent instruction, excellent service, excellent management

Sonja W.

KMU is an incredible community of badasses. I always look forward to training. Fellow students and the coaches are very supportive and motivating. They push you to do your daily best.

Jay C.

I’ve been involved with Krav Maga Unyted for about a month. I am thrilled and impressed with the level of instruction and the family atmosphere at KMU. Even though I am only beginning my Krav Maga journey, I feel welcome and part of a team. In a short amount of time I have seen my conditioning and technique improve. I do miss having the photos and bios of the instructors on the website. Keep up the great work!

Danny Z.

Over the past year, KMU has become an important part of my life. Your classes make me feel healthy, strong and truly, deeply happy. The staff is great, the facilities are awesome, and as I get to know the community, I love everyone I meet. Thank you guys for giving me something I didn’t know I needed. You’re the best.

John T.

I love it. The staff and instructors are amazing and incredibly helpful. However, there’s still a very high level of discipline that keeps the art pure and strong; exactly what I want.

Sal A.

I enjoy being there. I haven’t been able to go lately because of work but I want to go back. It’s one of the few things that are worth doing on a consistent basis because you are pushed to be better.

Gladys C.

All instructors are professionals, amazing, love the classes,schedule location and It’s affordable. I’m totally satisfied and happy. I would recommend it !!!

Sophia D.

Such an empowering and inclusive environment, excellent instructors, and very well kept and clean facilities. I was a member for almost two years until i moved. It’s the best gym i’ve ever been a part of and i still miss it!! It’s had a lasting impact on my life in terms of my physical health, self esteem and attitude. Please open a San Diego location some day

Lucy L.

One of my best eras of my life when I trained Krav Maga, both body and mind were in shape. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and motivating. The facility was always kept clean despite the crowd. I enjoyed my experience at Krav Maga Unyted very much.

Mahshid A.

Awesome Staff, Amazing Instructors I recommend it to all my friends.

Miguel S.

The facility is always clean. My favorite class heavy bag with Jarret. Taylor’s customer service skills are phenomenal! Not only is she approachable, but she is always very courteous and eager to help out. I am very satisfied with my experience at KMU and have been recommending it to friends.

John M.

I’m extremely happy with the experience I’ve had at KMU. The team has created a welcoming, supportive environment, and the facility is clean and well maintained. I started as a complete beginner two months ago and have already made big strides in both conditioning and technique thanks to a team of great instructors who challenge and support in equal measure. I look forward to continuing my training!

Kianah M.

I’ve been a member now for three months, and I look forward to coming in every week. The instructors are dedicated, intuitive, and seem genuinely interested in helping us to improve. The front desk staff has always been welcoming and helpful. I’m really glad I found this place and have never second-guessed my decision to sign up.

Jay C.

Krav Maga Unyted has totally changed my perception of exercise! The KMU system has allowed me to elevate my KM skills and physical activity beyond what I ever thought possible. I never thought I would survive those early classes (and still wonder about my survival!), but the environment is supportive and positive.

Alexandra V.

You guys are THE BEST!!! The best school I’ve ever been a part of! All the trainers are professional and super awesome and make every class fun and special! You learn every time something new and never get bored! Not even talking about the changes to your body that you see so quickly! In three words: Best Place Ever! #Addicted 😝🙃

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