Woman striking a punching bag

Heavy Bag Training

Become a Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine with KMU Heavy Bag Training

KMU Heavy Bag Training  combines our proprietary and award winning functional fitness class, KMU Heavy Bag Training, with combatives from Krav Maga and other popular martial arts programs. Instructors mix in bodyweight style training to increase the intensity and toning power of every workout. The result is a fast-paced 60-minute training session that torches up to 1,000 calories while building agility, speed, mobility, strength, power and cardiovascular endurance. Students rapidly improve their physiques as well as their ground and standup fight skills.

Sounds exciting, right? It certainly is. Every 60-minute session delivers a constantly varied, hardcore full body workout that keeps your mind engaged and your body challenged.

Give KMU Heavy Bag Training  your all and you’ll quickly slim down, tone up, move faster, feel stronger, hit and kick harder. You’ll also become more proficient in the self-defense strikes you’ve learned in our regular Krav Maga classes.

The better your combative Krav Maga skills, the more likely you are to survive a dangerous encounter. But let’s be honest here—hitting things for fun can also make you feel like a badass. Unlike our sparring class, where you have to pull your punches, you can attack the heavy bags used in KMU Heavy Bag Training with all the intensity and ferocity you can muster. It’s cathartic, it relieves stress, and it will help you learn to quickly flip the fight switch in your head should you ever actually need to use your self-defense skills to protect yourself or someone you love.

Suitable for participants of all skill levels, KMU Heavy Bag Training  is an essential part of Krav Maga training at Krav Maga Unyted. We recommend every student add it to his or her weekly workout roster, and we’ve scheduled classes to facilitate this. Jump into a KMU Heavy Bag Training  workout after your regular Krav Maga session or use it for cross training on alternate days.

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