Yellow Belt Requirements

All members must be prepared to demonstrate full understanding of the techniques listed below, and possess the capability to fully execute movements under stress. Members must also be able to demonstrate a full understanding of related Krav Maga principles.

PREREQUISITES TO YELLOW BELT TEST: Minimum of six months training and 60 classes completed. In addition students must attend at least one Yellow Belt workshop.  It is required for any belt test to wear KMU top and black colored bottoms — shirts can be purchased in our Pro Shop.


  • Movement
  • Fight stance
  • Shadow boxing
  • Short Range Combatives
  • Straight punches
  • Low straight punches
  • Advancing punches
  • Elbows (7)
  • Knees: A-frame & extend head
  • Palm strikes
  • Hammer fists – forward, down
  • Side hammer fist & turn-in
  • Eye & throat strikes
  • Long Range Combatives
  • Groin kick
  • Round kick
  • Offensive front kick
  • Combative Combinations
  • Kick-punch combinations
  • Defend Punches
  • Inside defense
  • Low inside defense
  • 360 defenses (high, low)
  • Defend Chokes
  • Front choke, 2-pluck
  • Front choke, 1-pluck
  • Rear choke
  • Side choke
  • Front choke pushed
  • Rear choke pushed
  • Defend Grabs
  • Wrist grab: same-side, opposite side
  • Wrist grab: both held high, both held low
  • Wrist grab: one wrist held by two hands
  • Wrist grab: both hands behind back
  • Arm pulls


  • Ground: Movement
  • Back position
  • Side position
  • Getting up
  • Ground: Striking
  • Striking from mount
  • Front kick on ground
  • Round kick on ground
  • Axe kick on ground
  • Side kick on ground
  • Kick with bottom leg
  • Ground: Defend Chokes
  • Choke mounted
  • Side choke on ground (kick-off)


  • Basic sprawl

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