About Us

What is Krav Maga Unyted?

Here at Krav Maga Unyted, we are a full service Krav Maga self defense, fitness, and fight facility. We are an 18+ club that caters to those who are looking to get in amazing shape as well as learn practical skills that can potentially save yours or your loved ones lives. We take pride in providing a friendly and inclusive atmosphere for any and all skill levels in an attractively designed high-end facility. Our self-defense classes range from the Beginner level all the way through Black Belt levels, and our fitness classes include our award-winning strength and conditioning and Combat bag classes. These classes integrate with Krav Maga, and are designed to evolve and strengthen members’ fitness levels immensely. The Krav Maga Unyted Intro Fight program is designed to take students of all skill levels, including those with little or no prior experience, to a high level of proficiency. In addition to our amazing programming, all members enjoy numerous club amenities that include (but are not limited to) free daily towel service, charge to account privileges, shower rooms, and much more. At Krav Maga Unyted we believe that getting in shape and learning self-defense should be a shared goal, and we provide a community that educates, motivates, and supports individuals of all athletic ability to reach beyond what they ever thought they could achieve.

What membership options does Krav Maga Unyted offer?

Krav Maga Unyted offers a variety of membership options to suit your needs and to ensure that you get maximum benefit.

Our Open End Membership options provide unlimited access to all of our classes and amenities with a flexible hold and cancellation policy – available in 12 month and 3 month options only.

For those seeking an unlimited membership with no monthly billing, we also offer an Annual Pre-Paid Membership that provides all of the amenities and benefits of monthly memberships without the hassle of monthly billing at an even greater discount.

What is included with my Krav Maga Unyted membership?

As a Krav Maga Unyted member, you get unlimited access to our award winning and highly recognized self-defense and group fitness classes, a variety of member-only privileges, access to numerous member-only seminars, and the latest in sports technology with equipment from top-tier manufacturers that include Pendlay, York, MaxWod, Revgear and Vanguard MMA. Under the guidance of Chief Instructor Jarret Waldman, 5th degree Black Belt in Krav Maga, and highly recognized fitness professional, our team of instructors and trainers are constantly dedicating themselves to their craft. Benefits of membership include:

  • Unlimited access to the KMU Krav Maga system
  • Unlimited access to the KMU variety of fitness programs.
  • Unlimited access to the KMU Fight program
  • Free Towel service
  • Full shower facilities
  • Charge to account privileges for drinks and snacks

What is the difference between Krav Maga Unyted and other similar programs and group fitness classes?

At Krav Maga Unyted, we start with our members’ as first priority. Our innovative group classes, whether Krav Maga or Fitness, are designed to be fully scale-able meaning that anyone of any age and ability can come in and take class alongside our most skilled members and athletes. Krav Maga, by it’s very nature, is designed to bring men and women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and athletic ability to a higher level of proficiency in a short amount of time. In our fitness classes, we can modify weight, repetitions, and intensity, or all three, to make the workout suitable to your skill level while maintaining the effectiveness. All of our highly skilled Krav Maga instructors and fitness trainers constantly focus on proper form and technique to ensure maximum power, efficiency, safety, and effectiveness.

Our classes are the most effective form of goal oriented training available, providing results unlike any other self-defense system or fitness workout around. The system of Krav Maga is designed to take the student on a journey with teaching based on principles that are close to our natural reactions and basic movements. By building upon these reactions, we insure that under extreme stress the best techniques come to the surface naturally. We constantly train under stress, whether mental, physical, or both, and put students to the test taking them to a level of performance that they would never expect to achieve. To enhance members’ Krav Maga training, we have designed our entire fitness and fight program around the same principles. No matter what you goals are, Krav Maga Unyted can help you achieve them.

What is Krav Maga?

The most common question we get from people who walk Krav Maga Unyted and see what is going on inside is, “what is Krav Maga?” Krav Maga is a practical martial arts system of self-defense and combat principles developed as a discipline for full contact combat. Designed as a self-defense and offensive system that simultaneously defends against personal attacks of all kinds, while inflicting devastating damage to the opponent,

Krav Maga was initially created by Imi Lichtenfeld during the 1930’s and World War II. As one of the key training and defense systems of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Krav Maga has since evolved to include training for use by special forces and paramilitary teams, as well as police and law enforcement, and the general public. Krav Maga utilizes a system of concepts and principles to quickly and effectively teach individuals of all skill levels practical and applicable self-defense and self-protection skills, for use in situations ranging from combat and fighting to street attacks under high levels of stress.

Founded on real world experience and demands, and based on practical concepts and principles, Krav Maga is primarily focused on the use of natural movements and reactions for defense.

Trainees of Krav Maga are taught in a logical and straightforward fashion, making learning rapid. The natural and intuitive nature of Krav Maga leads to high retention of learned skills, and natural, almost reflexive, deployment in stressful situations. Trainees focus on development of physical fitness and strength while working on principles and technique to overcome and disarm both armed and unarmed attackers, rapidly and effectively resolve ground attacks and fights — all while maintaining a sense of their surroundings and performance under high stress. While weaving in training and physical elements of Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, and Muay Thai, Krav Maga is it’s own systematized martial arts program. Unlike other martial arts programs that emphasize form and technique over outcome, Krav Maga focuses on defending yourself while quickly and effectively devastating your opponent. While initially a military training program, Krav Maga has evolved and expanded to provide training for the general public seeking peace of mind in an increasingly dangerous world, while maintaining it’s prominence as the top training program for special military forces and commando units, advanced law enforcement teams, including SWAT, and private security personnel.

What is Performance Training?

Performance Training is an award winning high intensity interval training program based on a functional fitness methodology. Performance training is proven to be one of the most effective workouts for weight loss, muscle development, and increased endurance. Every class is a full body workout, and no two classes are ever the same continually challenging you without a plateau effect. Real fitness with real results -guaranteed.

Winner Best Fitness Class — Best of LA — Los Angeles Magazine

Recognized by The Biggest Loser, Self Magazine, Men’s Health, The Doctors, and celebrity trainer Bob Harper, as best workout developed by leading fitness experts as a cardio and resistance program for all skill levels totally customizable to your skill level and ability. The only fitness program you will ever need.

What is Heavybag Training?

Unique to Krav Maga Unyted, Heavybag training combines the best aspects of Performance Training, an intense cardio and strength program, with Krav Maga Combatives (striking techniques), to provide an intense calorie ­ burning fitness experience. This fast-paced 60 minute class provides 35 to 40 minutes of MMA fight inspired punches, kicks, elbows and knees combined with body ­ weight movements to build strength, cardio and muscle endurance. Students are trained in techniques from MMA, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, traditional boxing, and Krav Maga, with an emphasis on speed and constant movement. Students enjoy an intense one – hour workout to great music and energy, and burn between 600 to 1,000 calories per session.

What is Krav Maga Combatives?

Krav Maga Combatives is a high-energy and high-intensity Krav Maga class focused on development of elemental combative and offensive striking development for students of all levels. Krav Maga Combatives students are paired together and utilize Thai pads, punch and kick shields, and focus mitts in high intensity bursts designed to sharpen offensive skills using hands, elbows, knees, and kicks. Krav Maga Combatives is a perfect compliment to both Krav Maga and Performance and Heavybag Training classes, as it helps to increase endurance and fitness levels as well as skill levels that translate throughout our courses. Krav Maga Combatives is recommended to those students who have been training for at least a month and or have prior experience.

What is Intro to Fight?

Intro to Fight is a class designed to take student athletes with little to no prior combat or fight experience to a functional level under stressful situations. This course focuses on development of footwork, vision, punch and kick defenses to build the ability to protect and defend in a street fight or combative attack scenario. In addition, Intro to Fight provides a great workout.

All fight situations are highly controlled with contact, and we train with respect for our partners—no hard hits or bloody noses allowed.

Intro to Fight is an excellent supplement to Krav Maga self-defense classes, greatly improving your effectiveness and ability.

Intro to Fight is recommended to those students who have been training for at least a month and or have prior experience. This class is a must for those students who wish to test for their Green belt and above in the Krav Maga system.

All students are required to have their own fight gear, including 16oz gloves for men or 12 oz for women, headgear, shin guards, a mouthpiece, and groin protection (men). Our Krav Maga Unyted pro shop carries all equipment necessary to participate in this class.

What is the proper footwear for Krav Maga Unyted classes?

At Krav Maga Unyted, we have three training rooms to accommodate our fully packed schedule. Room 1 has a resilient rubberized floor designed specifically to absorb the impact resulting from Performance training strength and conditioning classes. The Room 1 environment lends itself best to shoes that are lightweight and low to the ground for maximum stability and feel of the floor beneath you, and we highly recommend ross-training style shoes to be worn at all times. Rooms 2 and 3 offer floors that are covered wall to wall with high cushion Swain seamless tatami style mats. They are no-shoe environments designed to take advantage of the padding while keeping the floor free from debris and bacteria. Members may train either barefoot or in socks. The no-shoe policy is important as it also provides members the ability to train in ground attacks and defenses in our self-defense classes. Additionally, training either barefoot or with socks provides students the ability to easily pivot when punching and kicking while limiting stress on ankles and knee joints.

Who are Krav Maga Unyted’s instructors and what are their qualifications?

We are glad you asked because we are very proud of our instructors!

Chief Instructor:

Jarret Waldman, 5th Degree Black Belt in Krav Maga. Former Director of Operations for Training Centers at Krav Maga Worldwide and Wingate Institute certified Master Instructor.

Senior Instructor:

Keith Huysoon, 3rd Dan Black Belt in Krav Maga
Mads Just-Olesen, Black Belt in Krav Maga                                                                                Clinton Mellinger, Black Belt in Krav Maga                                                                                              Tom, Butorac, Black Belt in Krav Maga
Marco Munoz, Black Belt in Krav Maga

Krav Maga Instructors:

Edward De La Torre
Amanda Reyes
Michael Rahhal                                                                                                                                                                Amber Jaeger

Fitness Coaches:

Chassi Waldman
Alexandra Daniels
Cristina Chan                                                                                                                                                              Davon Geralds                                                                                                                                                                Dan Nguyen

All Krav Maga Unyted Instructors have completed extensive instructor training programs, and have received ongoing training. In addition to their achievements as Krav Maga students, our instructors have spent numerous years developing and improving their teaching skills. All Krav Maga Unyted coaches are certified with extensive experience in fitness training and nutrition – they’re dedicated to training you to achieve and exceed your fitness goals.

Is personal or private training available?

We offer and encourage private training for anyone seeking to achieve specific goals or attain a higher level of knowledge and understanding of the Krav Maga system at Krav Maga Unyted. Our talented team of instructors and coaches specialize in a variety of skills ranging from self defense, fitness, stand-up and ground fighting, weapons training and tactics, and general health maintenance.

For more information, we suggest you speak to the General Manager who will put you in touch with the instructor or coach can help you on your journey.

What is Krav Maga Unyted’s policy for membership holds?

Krav Maga Unyted memberships can be placed on hold either one (1) 1 – month period or two (2) 2 – week periods per membership year. Hold Request Form must be submitted online at least 5 business days before next draft date for changes to be effective. Monthly billing will automatically restart after Hold period without any notice.

What is Krav Maga Unyted’s membership cancellation policy?

Unlimited Pre-Paid Memberships can be cancelled at any time and for any reason without charge. All we need is 30-Days notice that can be provided using the online Cancellation Form.

Unlimited Annual Memberships that have a 3 or 12 month term can cancel with reasonable accommodations for in the event of hardship, moving, injury, or job loss. All we need is 30-Days notice along with legal documentation that can be provided using the online Cancellation Form.

What’s Krav Maga Unyted’s Lost/Stolen Item Policy?

Krav Maga Unyted cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of personal items left in the facility our in your car while parked in or out of our parking lot – please make note of this and be sure to take care of your personal belongings and vehicle.

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